Privacy Policy at

In no way to do we plan on holding any information from our visitors due to the fact that we do not want to hold that responsibility. There are lots of dangers to be held when it comes to holding visitors information like cookies and other data. We only hold analytics data on our sites to help us make our sites a better place and in hopes that we can achieve more visitors in this method.

You can contact us at any point and ask any questions on terms and policies we hold and we will be glad to answer all questions asked by visitors. We have nothing to hide and are open with all of our methods we practice here. We want everything to be out in the open as far as everyone is concerned.

We do host some ads that are usually pay per click and this income helps us to pay for hositng and writers if needed. The hosting gets to be the largest cost involved and we use the ads to help cover that. Our writers also need some money because nothing is free these days and everyone knows that.

Our policies are very simple and we hope to have our visitors as happy as possible when visiting our sites because that is what it is all about as a webmaster and team. If you are not happy with any detail or have ideas on bettering our system, do not hesitate to contact us at any point through the contact form. We are always looking for ideas to better our setups online.

This website and domain Does not withhold any information from the visits her other then analytics data. The main reason for that is that privacy data can be very inappropriately mastered with in the wrong hands.

The reason we withhold analytics data is to better assist us on what are visitors are doing when they visit this website. We have use these numbers to help better the visitors visit and also master what they are doing when you come here. Are bounce rate was very higher a couple of years ago and we tried to better it is much is possible with that data.

If you have any questions regarding our policy you can make sure to email us at our contact page and we will promptly reply back to you. Will do anything possible to better assist her visitors into make it so that they leave happy customer every time they leave.