Excision Free Music Downloads on their SoundCloud Profile

Figured I would share my cool find of the day. I’m always in the lookout for badass dubstep that comes free of cost. I have found hours upon hours of that on the “Excision SoundCloud” page.

The first four songs on his page are free to download and it seems they are each one hour long! That’s what I’m talking about dude! Ok.. thats enough exclamation points for me today. Let me know what you guys think of his free stuff on his soundcloud.

Maybe someone can better assist me in why these songs are free and others aren’t? I thought that maybe if the artist is using other songs that aren’t his or hers in the song.. that they couldn’t sell it and make profit. I don’t know… the copyrights in the electro music world is a nightmare. Free download Thursday!

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Posted by Nick R:
What confuses me the most is that I have seen certain songs at websites for free downloads but when I find them on a different website I have to pay for that. I would advise people that just because you’re finding the sweet songs for free doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily for free download according to the artist. In your instance or this certain instant snow on the platform like sound cloud you know that the artist to getting the song away for free because that’s a huge mainstream profile and that’s what they’re using and that’s actually them. Excision gives away a lot of free music! I think he is forced to give it away for free just because it has so many regular songs in it that are all over the radio and stuff like you were saying.

Posted by Zack S:
If you do a little bit of looking around you will notice that he is always giving away as music for free if you look closely and if you do some scrolling on the same page of his SoundCloud profile, you will see that he’s giving away a lot more music than just three songs because it seems like he must’ve been in some battles and you can’t necessarily sell that stuff I don’t think. You would think that when there at a DJ club or a bar scenario and they’re battling and they just are using any records that they want that they can’t really put a price on that because they’re just remixing regular music.

Posted Brandon V:
If you ask me they should be able to put a price on that when they’re doing a remix of any song because it’s naturally their talent to make it look that good but maybe there should be a state law that mandates you can only make so much of a percentage on a remix. Because he must admit that there has to be some amount of money that goes to the regular artist and that way there each happy about it even a 50-50 split down the middle would be alright. If each artist was getting paid then I think the world to be a little better of a place because their each making music and I would say that they have to get the approval of the regular artist.

Reply from Sarah J:
If that was the case though it would be thousands of people trying to make money on these remix songs and you would never be able to get a hold of the regular artist and it would just turn into a nightmare. Think of how many people would be emailing Connie West or Taylor Swift to use their song to make a profit and it just would turn into a nightmare they want able to keep up. I like it the way it is right now because were all getting free music more or less if it has a remix on it and you can download it for free.

How can you not be enjoying the free music like in this instance that this post was even posted because of free music and that’s the reason.