Beetlejuice Dubstep Remix Download by ‘Figure’ – What doez Yaez Thinkz?

Today’s share is from ‘Figure’ and they put out some crazy tunes. I found them on the local soundcloud and haven’t looked back since. I must admit that I do fancy their music in many ways. What I like about them is they keep things different and don’t stick to one style like A LOT OF ARTISTS do. Soundcloud has promotions where if you are on ‘that page’ the download is free.

You must go to the link and click download for it to be “Free”. When your on that page you can either buy the song on iTunes or download it for free…? Tough choice ehhh..
Click this link right here


Do you fancy this song or No?

Posted by Derrick.
I got to say that I’ve never really big fan of beetle juice haha! Me a couple of buddies when out on a mission to try to find three next like this and I told him that it was out there somewhere but he was just having a hard time believing me. Not only did we find it but it just so happens to be super popular and a crazy beat if you ask me. I give it 10 star review and I got to say it was awesome to have the free download here.

Posted by Karla T.
It’s crazy to think how much talent some of these musicians have and they just can’t find jobs it’s almost like if there music doesn’t take off that there probably never going to make it in the industry and that makes me very sad. Instance just this artist right here is making phenomenal music on sound cloud account and I’m sure he’s not even mainstream and probably not even making money yet if his music is for free.

Posted by Ben M.
What do you mean he’s not making any money if you look at a sound cloud profile you will notice that it happens to be free on that page but anywhere else you can purchase it on iTunes. That’s why when this was posted it had to be embedded in the page in a certain way or else it wasn’t going to be a free download. You literally have to go click to the certain page which the link points you too and you can then download it for free but otherwise it comes at a cost on iTunes.

Posted by James E.
Gotta Say pretty impressed with this Remix here and looking forward to the next songs that you find because I happen to like every single one that you posted. I’ve been looking for a website that posts all the new music that is released by the mainstream artists and I’m not having a good time finding one. And you can better assist me a little bit but instead of just following every single one of their websites it just gets a little old. Almost like one of those concert applications they have that inform you when your favorite artist is in town or near you except I wanted to alert me when there is a new song by that artist.

Posted by Vinny S.
Sounds to me my friend like you have the next million-dollar idea as long as you can afford to pay a programmer to create this. It would be a really cool idea though because if you think about it we are always looking for the music by her favorite artists but we can’t ever keep up with it. I would love to be alerted on my phone for a new download when the new album is released or even just a single song or track.