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We are completely devoted to dubstep music. Maybe you are new to the dubstep genre or you have just come here looking to download some new music. We have artists, cool remixes, free downloads, new releases, clothing and more.

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Posted by Danny G:
Why Do People Like This Stuff? I don’t understand it.. It’s just really annoying techno music at the end of the day isn’t it..? Maybe someone can help fill me on this.
Posted by Grant U.
How come aunty Susan likes to put ketchup on her tacos? The same reason everything else happens. Because that’s just the way it is and people will always like what they like. Let’s not waste time talking about why we like but start by trying to get you over the idea of even thinking like that.People that tend to like Dubstep usually (most of the time) fall into two different categories of people. Music software gurus and very energetic people that like out going activities and things that keep going. Some of the best techno songs dont fit into a category remember. There are different types of people that like it too, but we find that is a majority of the fans that fall into those two categories.Technology gurus love dubstep because it involves awesome technology and most of the awesome sounds are made by technology and some sort of gadget having to do with technology of today. You know exactly who you are!
Posted by Mod:
Maybe your new to dubstep or maybe you have been a fan for years. For whatever reason you have come here, you will find tons of dubstep and that’s because were completely devoted to it. We are the diehards of the trade. We do not specialize in creating the music here, but instead we publish it and create a platform to get music heard and listened to. We do have sections for all types of dubstep, so don’t be afraid to send your music in to be posted.At some point, all artists were rookies and their music needed to be heard.That’s why we don’t shy away from new music from whoever. Joe Blow could have the next big tune and we are going to share it here and that’s a for sure.Help us get heard by sharing links and spreading the word on dubstep artists and the genre of the music itself. Some people make fun of dubstep while others are obsessed with it on a daily basis. This genre is so lively and energy filled and that’s why so many people love it. Tell your friends to listen to it and share your music with them.
Posted by Tony R:
There are some artists that should be on here that are not. As an all around archive of artists though, I do think of this as the best I have seen in a while. A blog completely devoted to dubstep artists is cool on my mind. The only thing I kinda don’t like is the way that you listen to the songs. The buttons are somewhat complicated and I don’t know what song I am actually clicking on to go play. I must say though.. this is an ultimate source for some crazy songs by the best of the best. I am a bit into new amateur artists too. You guys should do an archive for amateur artists.
Posted by Ruth Ul.
These are just mainstream artists and nothing under the main radar of what people are expecting at the surface of popularity. If your looking for cooler stuff then your going to have to look a bit harder because they wont be around on sites like these. Underground UK artists don’t even care if their music goes huge or platinum and they just do it for the love of the music. That’s the kind of artists I like because they aren’t out there getting high on their money and groupies. These guys are good but I just prefer more of the amateur scene sort of say. Out of all of these I would say my favorite is Rusko cause he is so real and true.
Posted by Zack S.
I pretty much just started listening this stuff and I found like 100 songs that I can’t live without. To think that I’ve been living without this type of music in my life is kind of scary to me. I fell in love with it the first second I heard it and to work out to the stuff at the gym is just phenomenal. I listen to this stuff before all my football games and these artists here I’m surprise at this music isn’t a lot popular than it actually is. The music just grows inside of you and you just can’t live without it and it’s just it’s like a mix between rock ‘n roll with crazy electro music. Listen to this sick mix.
Posted by Mason B.
I think it’s funny hearing about people that have never heard his music and their reaction to finally figuring out that it’s awesome. I tried telling all my friends this is give it a chance but they think it’s all weird and that it’s going to make them all crazy like they have to start dressing a different way but it’s it’s not even like that. I told them that Skrillex want to couple Academy Awards or Grammys I can’t remember which it was but how crazy popular does that make it. They still weren’t having it though because they just think that only emotional people listen to it that where skinny jeans or something.
Posted by Kaleb D.
My friends are the same way I made Judges music even though I know that they like it there still a lot to listen to it because other weird people listen to another high school. I get sick of the mainstream crap at the plan the radio because they play like 15 songs over and over and it’s just Taylor Swift bull crap I think I’m just going to kill myself. If I have to keep listening to this stuff at our sports meats and other crap like that I’m just going to go crazy I just want them to give it a try because I know that they’ll like it.
Posted by Terrance E.
If you’re trying to get someone to like the style of music I would say that you’re going to want to have them listen to Skrillex. His music is by far the most popular and it seems like people outside of this category of music really fall in love with his style of music and that’s kind of what made Dubstep is popular as it is today. Even though I’m not his favorite fan I still agree with the fact that he is attracting a lot of attention to cool music like this and you cannot deny something like that.
Posted by Kaleb D.
Yeah I even got them to listen to one Skrillex song and I just thought it was a lot of screaming and they more or less just made fun of it. I think if I got them to listen to different songs though it would probably give it more chance. It’s the fact that they just won’t give it a try is what really bothers me more or less. But I guess that’s how high school is and just people don’t give things a chance because they’re afraid of being a minority if you catch my drift.
Posted by Madeline H.
Yeah a lot of kids at my school to come and meet up group that was devoted to like Dubstep and going to raves and doing drugs so it’s kind hard to categorize yourself with those people. I kind a like the music but I don’t want to be judged as hanging out with those type of people because I don’t want to get the wrong idea so I kind of know what they mean. Kids at my school are just making a terrible scene about this type of style in they’ll do drugs and this is what they love to do. Can’t I just love the music cannot go along with that group of people that does all the drugs and such?
Posted by Ryan Stroman:
It seems for the past few years I’ve only been listening to dnb remixes of hard rock / metal songs. But I’ve begun branching out and listening to original mixes. Skrillex has some cool songs, they’re fun to listen to in a car with subwoofers. I don’t do any drugs, yet I still enjoy this music. There’s no reason you can’t love this music just because you don’t drop acid or snort coke. Big Chocolate, Chase & Status, Nero, and Zed’s Dead are some of my favorite. I’m more into actual dubstep than the drum and bass songs. I like the wub-wub.

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